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                  Calcium carbonate dispersant
                  DAHSPERSE N-2618 is a high molecular weight organic acid surfactant, especially for pigment dispersion . DAHSPERSE N-2618 can be quickly and effectively disperse the pigment in water while reducing the pigment slurry sludge (SLURRY) of viscosity. Further , it can be made of other high concentration pigment dispersing agent can not be achieved glue suspension .


                  Traits and specifications


                  Appearance : light yellow transparent liquid

                  Composition : POLYCARBOXYLIC ACID TYPE

                  Polymer Surfactants

                  P H: about 5

                  Solubility: soluble in water into transparent.

                  [ Long ] special

                  1, DAHSPERSE N-2618 can improve various inorganic pigments such as : SATIN-WHITE, ZnO, CaCO3, AI (OH) 3 ( aluminum hydroxide ) TiO2 ( titanium dioxide ) , clay , talc, etc. The dispersion effect in addition, it can significantly reduce the viscosity of the slurry of mud .

                  2, with DAHSPERSE N-2618 as a pigment dispersant , because good thermal stability , so the storage process , even if the temperature increased by dispersion , it does not produce increased viscosity problems.

                  3 , a coated paper, particularly as the use of starch -based BINDER ( binder) of the coating , the storage time by increasing the viscosity of the coating is not a dispersant .


                  [ Usage and Performance ]

                  1 paper coating pigment dispersing agent:

                  Usually a pigment dispersing agent used as : Sodium hexametaphosphate, Sodium tripolyphosphate and other inorganic phosphate has the following disadvantages:

                  (A) the pigment is not sufficiently reduced mud slurry (slurry) of viscosity

                  (B) has the disadvantage of changes over time , i.e., after a long time , increases the viscosity of the dispersion ; DAHSPERSE N-2618 is excellent in removing the drawbacks of the product , it may be mixed with water in any ratio . In the paper coating pigment as a dispersing agent, particularly suitable for the starch / emulsion based coating , can play a very excellent effect .

                  Currently , in the coating industry , in order to save costs and is committed to large-scale coating machine , high speed. In response to these needs, the low viscosity of the coating and a high concentration of color is very necessary. DAHSPERSE N-2618 I can meet the above requirements .

                  Use DAHSPERSE N-2618 has the following advantages :

                  ⊙ DAHSPERSE N-2618 to make an inorganic pigment such as : Sarin white, ZnO, CaCO3, Al (OH) 3, TiQ2, clay, talc and the like dispersed in a very stable , especially when the inorganic phosphate can not be effectively dispersed Satin-White, DAHSPERSE N-2618 in particular, can play a good effect.

                  ⊙ DAHSPERSE N-2618 without mixer (mixer) can also be modulated high concentrations of paint. However, to obtain the desired coating , preferably a high concentration of paint mixer modulation more appropriate .

                  ⊙ DAHSPERSE N-2618 due to the viscosity of paint can be stable , and therefore the use of high-speed blade coating , no problems.

                  ⊙ starch / ( latex ) paint during storage LATEX, when the temperature is higher than 25 ℃, adding dispersant DAHSPERSE N-2618 prevents viscosity increase .

                  ⊙ used when dispersing paper coatings, the viscosity does not increase due to the length of storage time DAHSPERSE N-2618.

                  (2) water-soluble paint , EMULSION paint :

                  A) DAHSPERSE N-2618 can be used in a variety of inorganic pigments and organic pigments.

                  B) DAHSPERSE N-2618 was strongly adsorbed on the surface of the pigment , the pigment surface with a negative charge , it becomes easy to disperse .

                  C) When the pigment is difficult to disperse in case of other dispersants , DAHSPERSE N-2618 can also be stably dispersed .

                  When D) Emulsion paints and coatings using water amounts used DAHSPERSE N-2618 is 0.3% (OWP).

                  (3) Other:

                  A) Ceramic dispersant

                  B) wettable powder pesticide dispersant

                  4 Packing: NW 250KG plastic drum

                  ※ Under normal conditions of use , DAHSPERSE N-2618 will not hurt the skin ; However, users at the end of the work , it is best to wash your face and hands thoroughly with soap .
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