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                  Product series
                  Lubricants Series
                  Grease Packing Series
                  Grease raw Series
                  Chemical additives series
                  Paper additives  
                  Paper coating defoamer
                  DAXDF-3050 is a powerful pigment coating applied to all non-silicone defoaming and defoamers . The product is particularly effective in the coating system containing a large amount of latex as the binder . Meanwhile , the goods in the use of starch , cheese and protein for vegetarian adhesive system also works well.

                  DAXDF-3050 is a 100 % active ingredients. It can be used for preparing an emulsion , even in very hard water, it can maintain its stability. But the proposal directly to the use of this product .

                  Technical Parameters

                  Appearance: amber, slightly viscous liquid

                  Active ingredient ,%: 100

                  Density: 0.86 - 0.90

                  Viscosity , Brookfield,

                  # 3, 60 rpm at 250 C: 200 - 1000 cps

                  Stability, solution : the formation of milky emulsion


                  For best results , it should be added to the initial stages of the preparation of the coating . High shear equipment to ensure proper dispersion and prevent spots and fish eye disease produce paper . Although not recommend the use of an aqueous solution , but if you use often recommended 5 - 10% DAXDF-3050 aqueous solution , while stirring vigorously to maintain its stability.

                  Typically DAXDF-3050 amount of from 0.1 to 0.3% of dry pigment .

                  FDA status

                  DAXDF-3050 complies with 21 CFR following non- direct contact with food :

                  175.105 Adhesives

                  176.200 coating defoamers

                  176.210 for the manufacture of paper and paperboard defoamers

                  177.1200 cellophane

                  Packaging and preservation

                  DAXDF-3050 loading 200 liters or 100 liters drum seal square bucket. Frozen no negative impact on the product. If the product is exposed to a temperature below its pour point of 7 ° , it can be warmed to room temperature and maintained at that temperature until well mixed. Recommend saving at least 10 degrees in the environment . In hot weather , it should be stored in a cool place , preferably in the building .
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