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                  CHEMRET CHR 15 VAC

                  Innovative approaches to prevent adhesive deposition


                  Chemret CHR 15 VAC is an innovative approach to the prevention of stickies on the use of de-inked pulp as raw material for paper machines . CHR 15 VAC control stickies and has given a role that no longer reduce the viscosity of stickies deposition . CHR 15 VAC by stickies particles dispersed set of fibers and fillers to prevent the above stickies particles accumulate in the water system . Because of its unique surfactant characteristics , CHR 15 VAC has naturally attracted hydrophobic material characteristics , CHR 15 VAC stickies above adsorption surface free energy will increase , which reduces the hydrophobicity and viscosity of stickies . Unlike traditional stickies control agents , CHR 15 VAC will work closely adsorbed on the surface of the adhesive material particles.


                  General Characteristics

                  Chemret CHR 15 VAC is a cationic polymer solution with one point . It can be completely dissolved in water. CHR 15 VAC can be used ( 4-10 ) in a wide range of PH value , which can be used at a maximum of more than 100 degrees Celsius .



                  Use CHR 15 VAC can be used instead of talc , dispersants , stickies control agents and given the agent. Nets can reduce sediment , press and dryer sections observed . CHR 15 VAC into the paper can greatly reduce the degree of dust and holes . In addition , you can reduce the number of breaks , improve operational efficiency of the machine . Use CHR 15 VAC can also reduce the consumption of bleaching chemicals and glidant .


                  Regulatory Status

                  Chemret CHR 15 VAC can be used in the pulp and paper requires the approval of the following areas:

                  ● FDA: 21CFR 176.170

                  ● FDA: 21CFR 176.180

                  ● BfR (BgVV): Die Empfehlung XXXVI Paplere, Kartons und Pappen fur den Lebensmittelkontakt

                  ● NORDIC ECOLABELLING:

                  Cultural paper , wrapping paper, toilet paper and paper envelopes



                  Chemret CHR 15 VAC side can bulk and 1000kg IBC drum



                  Chemret CHR 15 VAC in a cool warehouse (0-30 ℃) stability can be saved twelve months.

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