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                  Product series
                  Lubricants Series
                  Grease Packing Series
                  Grease raw Series
                  Chemical additives series
                  Paper additives  
                  Paper strength enhancers

                  KL-30 modified paper strength enhancer

                  1. KL-30 modified paper strength enhancer is amphoteric polyacrylamide (PAM) class of dry strength agents, due to the introduction of the disproportionation branching structure, improve paper strength strength while improving retention, filter effect is obvious.

                  2. KL-30-modified physical properties of the paper strength additive

                  KL-30 modified paper strength enhancer
                  Pale yellow slightly turbid liquid
                  More than 20%
                  Viscosity (25 ℃)
                  7000 ~ 13000 (mPa.s)
                  PH (1%)
                  3.0 ~ 5.0

                  3. KL-30 modified paper strength characteristics

                  A) This is used to weakly acidic, neutral papermaking conditions.

                  2) the slurry flocculation capacity, improve retention, filter effect is obvious.

                  3) This is for fine paper and paperboard papermaking.

                  4. KL-30 modified paper strength enhancer of use

                  1) KL-30 modified paper strength enhancer is amphoteric drugs.

                  To make the KL-30 modified paper strength enhancer on the full set of pulp, aluminum compounds must be used.

                  Aluminum sulfate occasions: solid content 5kg / t over slurry

                  PAC occasions: solid content 2.5kg / t over slurry

                  2) KL-30 (20% aqueous solution) is an aqueous solution of high viscosity. 1% or less homogeneous diluted (preferably 0.5% or less), the mixed slurry can be added places.

                  5 Precautions on use

                  KL-30 is the gender of paper strength enhancer drugs. Other anionic drug, after mixing the cationic drug, the coagulation can not be used, avoid mixing with other drugs.

                  KL-30 modified paper strength enhancer Add a location:

                  KL-30 modified the amount of paper strength enhancer added:


                  KL-30 solid addition rate (%)
                  Solid usage KL-30

                  (Kg / paper)
                  KL-30 using liquid volume (kg / t of paper)

                  Improve the evenness of a paper

                  As a countermeasure to improve evenness, set KL-30 mentioned dispersion time is relatively long at the forebay to add copy.

                  In the case of evenness to meet the requirements as to improve retention countermeasures can be added also be assigned to the exit of two white tank division adds.

                  KL-30 added 10 points forebay copy machine outside the White 1-7 0-3 sink outlet

                  Please add the corresponding PAC also assigned to copy / t add 2.5kg each machine outside the forebay and white sink.

                  In order to accurately grasp the effect of KL-30's performance, hoping to copy paper reflects the importance intuitive performance drugs through the front blank after blank analysis and the same.

                  Measures to pay a sticky substance

                  Intermittent increase fungicide added

                  KL-30 oxygen-containing component is thus a nutrient for microorganisms, in order to prevent the propagation of microorganisms twice daily incremental Please add fungicides (Level 5 times).

                  Please fungicide suppliers can also cause analysis.

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