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                  Product series
                  Lubricants Series
                  Grease Packing Series
                  Grease raw Series
                  Chemical additives series
                  Sewage treatment agent  
                  Polyaluminium chloride

                  Polyaluminium chloride (PAC) for inorganic high polymer, chemical general formula: [AL2 (OH) nCL (6 - n)] m, type: n 6 or less, 10 m or less. It can be widely used in drinking water, industrial water service and industrial effluent purification.

                  Second, the product features

                  1, chemical properties at room temperature steady growth, long storage is not bad, easy absorption of moisture, solid nudity but not easy metamorphism, non-toxic.

                  2, fast response, alum flowers large, settling quickly, good filter, can improve equipment utilization; Low drug consumption, low cost of water.

                  3. Apply to water PH range 4-14, but the best processing range 6-8.

                  4. Deal with water, adaptable, applicable to all kinds of water treatment, and solved the other drug is not easy to deal with low turbidity water and low temperature (4) response is slow, difficult problems of poor effect.

                  Three, product executive standard: the product according to organize production GB15892-2003.

                  Fourth, the quality of


                  The index name










                  Classy article


                  Grade a


                  Classy article


                  Grade a


                  The mass fraction of alumina (AL2O3) / %








                  Base degrees / %


                  Density (20 ℃)/p (g/cm3)


                  The mass fraction of water / % or less


                  Aqueous solution pH (1%)

                  3.5~5.0 3.5~5.03.5~5.03.5~5.03.5~5.03.5~5.0

                  The mass fraction of ammonia nitrogen (N) / % or less





                  The mass fraction of arsenic (As) / % or less0.0001

                  The mass fraction of lead (Pb) / % or less


                  The mass fraction of cadmium (Cd) / % or less


                  The mass fraction of mercury (Hg) / % or less


                  Hexavalent chromium (Cr + 6) mass fraction / % or less


                  Note: ammonia nitrogen, arsenic, lead, cadmium, gong, the quality of the impurities such as hexavalent chromium distribution are calculated by 10.0% AL2O3.

                  In table 1 the I index of products for mandatory, class II is recommended.


                  Fifth, use method and matters needing attention:

                  1, the liquid product can be directly dosing, can also be diluted dosing. Should add water dissolved after adding the solid products. Dilution ratio is commonly: solid product from 2% to 20%, the liquid product from 5% to 50%. The percentage (by weight).

                  2, drug dosing quantity is commonly: 3-40 g/ton liquid products, solid product for 1-15 g/ton, concrete additive quantity is decided by the user on the stirring test and production test.

                  3, this product shall not be used mixed with other water treatment agents, and other chemicals stored.

                  4, liquid products the company has a special tanker transport. Solid product packing bag lined with polyethylene film, coat woven bag double packing, 25 kg per bag.

                  5, liquid product storage period for a year, solid product storage period for two years, storage should be placed in ventilated, dry place, but does not affect the use effect after be affected with damp be affected with damp.


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