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                  Address: dongying city town XiYing GuangRaoXian king
                  Address: tieling tieling county taken village road
                  Telephone: 0546-6861222 6861168
                  Fax: 0546-6861318
                  The service hotline: 400-072-8968
                  Telephone: 024-78818050
                  Fax: 024-78818051
                  The service hotline: 4006558795
                  The url :www.howbeautifulitis.com
                  Liao embellish YouZhiChang url :
                  Alibaba CTP website :

                  Product series
                  Lubricants Series
                  Grease Packing Series
                  Grease raw Series
                  Chemical additives series

                  Business goals: quality first and striving for industry pioneer; honesty, good customer service;

                  Quality: The "quality of life" as the cornerstone of real materials, strict product quality;
                  Strengthen internal management, the implementation of quality management system, and improve after-sales service;

                  Business philosophy: the development of the enterprise eternal theme, integrity is the fundamental enterprise development;

                  Slogan: quality achievements in the future;

                  Services: "For your dedication, integrity, service and satisfaction."

                  Enterprise mission: professional services, promote business efficiency and effectiveness of continuous improvement, to assist sustainable development of enterprises;

                  Vision: Through our unremitting efforts to help customers improve productivity on a global scale to become the best business partner for our customers;

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                  Address: dongying city GuangRaoXian XiYing king town resident phone: 0546-6861222 fax: 6861168 0546-6861318 website: www.howbeautifulitis.com technical support: corporate network



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