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                  Address: dongying city town XiYing GuangRaoXian king
                  Address: tieling tieling county taken village road
                  Telephone: 0546-6861222 6861168
                  Fax: 0546-6861318
                  The service hotline: 400-072-8968
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                  About Us  

                    Liaoning Province, Tieling , Liaoning Run grease factory is located in the beautiful cities - one Tieling , located in Liaohe Oilfield band , surrounded by Panjin refinery , Fushun refineries .
                  Liaoning Province, Tieling , Liaoning Run grease factory is a professional production of petrochemical products such as grease a large petrochemical enterprises , has the world's advanced automated production line , filling line , production technology in a leading position in the country , the annual production capacity of 20,000 tons or more . Adhere to the " quality of survival, relying on the credibility of development" to the interests of customers for the purpose of philosophy to win the market . Tieling Liaoning Run grease plant on the talent and technology , the use of well-known brands and imported base oil additives, greases are widely used in military production , oil exploration, metallurgy , transportation , mining , factories, machinery and other industries .
                  Dongying City Tongyu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Liaoning INDUSTRIES CO., LTD Dongying City is located in the beautiful and rich Yellow River Delta , Shengli Oilfield ( the location of the oil city of Shengli Oilfield in Dongying City territory .) Is a company with many years of professional production and sales and supply of grease kind of grease packaging materials and raw materials for production of grease large petrochemical companies , has the world's advanced packaging grease and grease automated production lines , production technology at the leading level in the country , each with a well-known lubricant manufacturer , points equipment and raw materials production enterprises established long-term stable cooperative relations , to the domestic production of grease production packaging manufacturers supply a variety of packaging materials and raw materials for production of grease .
                  Since Tongyu Petrochemical Company Limited and Dongying City, Liaoning INDUSTRIES CO., LTD was founded , has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of specialized research institutes, has a group of highly experienced German experts and senior management personnel , and always adhere to market-oriented scientific and technological progress and development. Production, testing methods , advanced equipment , stable and reliable product quality, product technology continuously updated model, the company flagship brand grease products : "Big Fu " " causeth " "A tyrant " "respect tyrants" , "Wang Run" " neck fat " " Liao Run " " Asp " has occupied a certain share in the domestic market , the products are widely used in military , metallurgy , transportation, mining, machinery and other industries, products are exported all over the world as well as the provinces. city . autonomous regions. The company also to the domestic manufacturers and packaging manufacturers to provide production materials packaging materials, to provide OEM processing services to domestic and international clients over the years have been with PetroChina , Sinopec , CNOOC, Shandong Hongxing Chemical Co. , Ltd. Wuxi Flying grease Shandong Hai petrochemical Co., Ltd. , Shandong Hengrun Connaught petrochemical Co. , Dongying run effective chemical plants, the American Petroleum Chemical Group ( China ) Co., Ltd. , Germany Asp petrochemical Company , British petroleum and Chemical Group ( China ) Co., Ltd. , Daqing Meng petrochemical Division , Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical , Sinopec Wuhan aerospace , petrochemical company in Yantai in Shandong , the ocean Huai trading company , Shanghai maple brand oil company , Sinopec Jinan Green Resources Ltd. , Tangshan Galaxy oil Company and many other well -known enterprises to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations , each qualified enterprises to provide quality and cheap products , praise the industry.
                  Tongyu Petrochemical Co. , Ltd. Liao Run Run and grease plant in Liaoning province in the same industry and warmly welcome all friends to visit the company guidance, we are willing to cooperate with the relevant industry to carry out various forms of technical exchanges and cooperation and establish long-term stable and mutually beneficial partnership to jointly promote the development of China lubricant ( grease ) and petrochemical additives industry , and jointly create a better future !

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